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12 Great Gift Ideas for Freelancers

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your freelancer friends, colleagues or family? You may want to get them something fun, relaxing or value-adding to help them work more efficiently in the new year.

Below, we have curated an incredible list of gifts ideas for the freelancers in your life. Regardless of their role or specialty, they will definitely appreciate one of these.

Gift items for organization and productivity

  1. 1. As the year winds down, most of us are scrambling to make the most of the days left to plan for the new year. There’s hardly a better gift for a bustling freelancer than a smart way to organize and plan. A one-year subscription on is something most freelancers would thank you for because it offers a flexible and transparent way to organize projects. Using it, freelancers are able to manage all their clients and work in one place. They can share project timelines and give collaborators an opportunity to track the project status without hassle or miscommunication.
  2. 2. Life-planner: A life-planner (basically a book customized for planning) will also make a great gift for this season. For the more traditional freelancers, life planners are the perfect planning system. Rather than use mobile apps and other smartphone technology, these types think and work better with pencils, beautiful stationery and life planners, and can take on the new year with purpose and confidence with one of these.
  3. 3. Grammarly: At some point in the life of any freelancer (or professional), writing is required – be it a report, social media post, email pitch or business proposal. For the content creators, bloggers, editors and other freelancers who want to write excellently, Grammarly comes in handy to check plagiarism, spelling and grammatical errors. You can buy a year-subscription of Grammarly to help your freelancer friends stay on top of their writing game.
  4. 4 Noiseless headphones: This is a freelancer’s best friend and an absolute treat! To make them happy, you can gift them with one to avoid distraction from background noise and people as they tackle new projects in the new year.

Gift items for Entertainment

  1. 5. Netflix Gift cards: (Netflix? Really?) I know what you’re thinking – everyone has Netflix. While that may be true, depending on what part of the world your freelancer friends are, you can get them Netflix gift cards that can be used on their existing account or a brand new one. You can send this easily via email with a nice message. It doesn’t matter if your friends already have Netflix or not. With a gift card, they can binge on their favorite shows for entertainment, research and get great ideas for their next project – all because of you.
  2. 6. Spotify subscription: For the music-loving freelancers, a Spotify subscription will grant you a best friend status for life. For those who use music to do their best work, they often tune out the world around them while working. It helps them focus on the task at hand. You can gift them a Spotify gift card to give them the best time as they go about their daily hustle.

Gift items for Personal Development

  1. 7. Udemy: This is great for programmers, designers, content writers, and so many other professionals. No matter the talent or service rendered by any freelancer, there is always room for growth. An online course is a great way to start the year with improvement and ambition. You can buy one relevant to their field as a gift. Udemy’s classes are affordable for a wide range of people and skills.
  2. 8. Association membership: Access, opportunities, subsidized learning materials, community and mentorship are some of the perks of belonging to certain educational organizations. Platforms like Pluralsight and Interactive Design Foundation offer annual and monthly subscription plans that give access to a community of programmers, designers, educators, mentors, and other creatives. You can purchase an annual membership for your freelancer friends and family, and open a door to relevant knowledge and a community for support. Purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, for example, is a great way to put a smile on the face of creative freelancers you know.

Gift items for Well-being

  1. 9. Fitness club membership: Staying in shape is one of the top resolutions almost everyone each new year. Give your friends a gift of a local fitness club membership. Hopefully, this helps them commit to a healthier lifestyle.
  2. 10. Fitness devices: You can also buy a fitness device for your freelancer friends to help them track sleep, exercise, and other health-related activities. Help them stay alive and healthy with a gift like these.

Gift Items for Workspaces

  1. 11. Co-working space passes: Check out the co-working spaces around your friends’ house or usual workspaces and purchase a year subscription or a quarter-long pass for them to work with focus, a routine, and less hassle. This is a thoughtful and useful gift for freelancers who enjoy working in the midst of other people or need a networking break to grow their business.
  2. 12. Coffee shop vouchers: You can also decide to buy coffee-shop vouchers for your friends who love coffee and working outdoors.


Power bank: This is a wonderful gift item for freelancers who are always on the move. It is also great for those who work on their phones all the time and often run down their batteries when out. Power banks are also a great gift for freelancers in emerging markets with an erratic power supply.

Audio Book Subscription: Audiobooks are a great tool to leverage for learning new skills or gain positive motivational materials.

We hope this list has helped you narrow down options for the freelancers in your life. Do you have more gift ideas for the holidays? Please share with us, and enjoy yours!

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