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BaaS Compliance Management
Fractional Staffing
Tailored Policies & Workflows

An early-stage company that experienced success in another industry, wanted to capitalize on the positive momentum and pivot into financial services. However, the lack of internal capabilities to navigate BaaS initial due diligence and the skills required to stand up to the required compliance framework jeopardized the ability to maintain the desired speed of innovation.

Why AskDegree

Our experience with BaaS Compliance Management expectations and fractional talent provided immediate relief to the team. We were able to satisfy compliance-related diligence items quickly and continued to manage the added day-to-day compliance workload; allowing internal resources to remain focused on supporting innovation, and capitalizing on the continuous growth of momentum.


Successful launch of their flagship MVP lending product. On-demand access to a team of compliance and info security talent that manages all aspects of the day-to-day compliance management system processes. Reduced overhead cost and added agility allows team to develop additional product types without slowing down momentum.


Would take at least 4 full-time people to hire in-house to have the same coverage and expertise. We love AskDegree’s ability to help us craft lightweight but effective processes and controls that achieve the required risk mitigation but don't weigh down the business in the process!

Kylie - VP of Financial Products