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Series C B2B technology company operating in 5+ countries was experiencing significant traction but was hitting roadblocks in sales because premium clients required evidence of SOC 2 Type 2; which the client had not completed. The Company committed to completing their SOC 2 Type 2 assessment and also the expansion of the compliance department by posting an open position, but the compliance director was due to go on leave for 6 months leaving the Company without an internal lead to manage this business-critical initiative.

Why AskDegree

AskDegree was able to jump right in with full-time information security and compliance resources that not only acted as the internal leadership for all SOC efforts but also maintained the compliance program responsibilities for the duration of the staff outage. Our team also took over hiring efforts, completing resume reviews, and interviews, and hiring additional compliance team members.


The Company had no interruptions to its operational plans. We guided them through a successful SOC 2 Type 2 Engagement and trained the new staff member on compliance duties. The business was able to clear deals in the sales pipeline that were blocked by the need for the SOC 2 Report, paving the way for expanded opportunities with fortune 500 and 100 businesses. Our team stayed on full-time for 30 days after the return of the compliance director to ensure a smooth transition.


After working with AskDegree, they were the first team we thought of when we needed coverage again.

Mia - DIrector of Compliance