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Series B financial services company was being weighed down by its Third-Party Risk Management Program and was suffering from a substantial backlog of reviews that needed to be delivered to their BaaS bank partner. The program was riddled with duplicative processes, and redundant efforts being performed by talent in numerous departments. There was a need to rebuild the program from the ground up and gain back much-needed efficiency and speed.

Why AskDegree

The Company was going through several intense growth initiatives including a merger, staffing changes, new product roll outs, and a SOC 2 assessment.Although the internal staff were skilled, they were spread thin and needed assistance in analyzing the existing program to determine the optimal workflow improvements, but also required dedicated talent to clear the historical pipeline and keep the program running while new program development was underway. AskDegree was able to come in with dedicated talent and clear the backlog, maintain the review schedule of the historical program, and support and manage the transition to the optimized TPRM Program.


Backlog of over 25+ reviews were cleared in a matter of weeks, BaaS Partner was extremely satisfied with program turnaround and performance, internal resources gained peace of mind knowing the program was being managed by dedicated resources and significantly reducing the strain on internal team members.


The work you did on our remediation reviews late last year, and continue to assist with into this new year is monumental to our success. Our partner bank was blown away by what we were able to accomplish, and are very appreciative of the thorough work that is going into the new review process. The back and forth help with melding our outdated VM policy and new ideas/needs, into a new document!

Rayanne - Ops Associate