Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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We need a Chief Compliance Officer; can AskDegree help?

Yes, AskDegree supports our Client’s core team with our network of Subject Matter Experts (“SME”). We fulfill roles ranging from Chief Officer (e.g. CCO) to Compliance Analyst. We often fulfill roles for emerging start-ups, we also can fill-in for staff on extended leave (e.g. maternity or FMLA). If you have an unexpected vacancy we will help you to keep initiatives on track!.

We heard AskDegree accepts cryptocurrency as payment for services, is this true?

We are pleased to announce the rumor is true! At AskDegree we do not simply help build the future we are believers and adopters of the systems we build. Contact us today for a no-hassle consultation and to discuss cryptocurrency payment options.

We are not a FinTech business, is AskDegree for us?

Absolutely! We have worked with a multitude of business types from various industries including Investors, Federally Insured Banks, Sovereign Entities, Technology Firms, Solar Energy Providers, Gig Platforms, Learning & Development Agencies, Call Centers, Staffing Agencies and more. Contact us today for a no-hassle consultation.

I am interested in learning more about Allegiance, where can I locate additional information?

We are happy to hear about your interest in our Freelancer Ecosystem Allegiance! To have the latest news and updates emailed directly to you simply complete the Early Access form located at the bottom of this page and opt-in to our email updates. You can also find information including Allegiance’s whitepaper at!